Lead Poisoning Alert - Attention NYCHA Residents

Children Ages 20 and Under May Be Eligible for Financial Compensation Due to Lead Exposure

Exposure to high levels of lead in paint can cause serious injury to children

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Our Experienced Attorneys Have Filed a Class Action on Behalf of NYCHA Residents Exposed to Lead Paint

The lead poisoning attorneys at Levy Konigsberg have filed a class action lawsuit against the New York City Housing Authority and other public officials on behalf of the many children endangered by hazardous lead paint conditions in New York City public housing. Exposure to high levels of lead in paint can cause serious injury to children, and any child exposed to defective lead based-paint while living in NYCHA housing may be entitled to participate in the lawsuit. Across hundreds of developments and thousands of individual apartments, the Housing Authority has consistently fallen short of its duty to protect NYCHA residents from lead-based paint hazards.

  • A class action lawsuit enables our experienced attorneys to advocate for every NYCHA resident harmed by NYCHA's actions - even those who are unaware that they have a case - all at no cost to residents.
  • NYCHA residents who have been harmed by NYCHA's actions are automatically included in the class action lawsuit.
  • Our lawsuit aims to hold NYCHA and other responsible parties accountable for the vast harm caused by this crisis.

Lead is a highly toxic metal and pervasive contaminant found in paint, plumbing, dust, and soil throughout urban environments like New York City. Exposure to lead through ingestion or inhalation can cause an array of adverse health consequences, including a range of permanent, debilitating injuries that prove especially devastating when suffered by children. Lead-induced injuries often include brain and nervous system damage, developmental delays, cognitive and behavioral disorders, elevated blood pressure, impaired liver and kidney function, and disruption of other organ systems throughout the body. In young children, lead poisoning frequently entails severe mental and physical impairment and profound, lifelong limitation on the ability of afflicted individuals to grow, thrive, and achieve their full potential.

In New York City, lead poisoning results most commonly from exposure to aging or damaged lead-based paint and lead-based paint dust. When painted surfaces deteriorate or are disturbed, dislodged paint particle combine with other debris and accumulate on floors, furniture, toys, and other household surfaces. These lead-contaminated surfaces pose a particular danger to young children, who are likely to place contaminated hands and objects in their mouths, physiologically prone to rapid absorption of lead, and vulnerable to permanent, debilitating lead-induced injury at even low levels of exposure. Because there is no cure for the effects of lead poisoning, preventing exposure to lead hazards in the first instance is critical to protecting the health and safety of young children.


The attorneys at Levy Konigsberg specialize in representing children who have been injured by exposure to lead. With over 25 years of experience, our dedicated lead poisoning attorneys have used their expertise to win important legal rulings related to lead exposure and recover over $100 million on behalf of lead-poisoned children across the country. Our lead poisoning team includes attorney Corey Stern, whose groundbreaking advocacy on behalf of lead poisoning victims includes his service since 2016 as the appointed lead council for all Flint Water litigation plaintiffs in Genesee County, Michigan.

If your child has been exposed to defective lead-based paint while living in NYCHA housing, please contact us at 1-800-483-0116 or through the form on this website for a free case consultation with our legal team.

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